De-stigmatising Diesel

The diesel engine sits at the core of our industry but recently there has been a lot of ill-informed opposition to this technology.

New research reveals widespread confusion about diesel technology that, if uncorrected, could limit adoption of the latest low emission vehicles and undermine the UK’s efforts to meet strict air quality and climate change obligations.

In a recent poll, 87% of UK adults said they were unaware of the latest Euro-6 vehicle emission technology, while 54% incorrectly blamed cars and commercial vehicles as the biggest cause of air pollution in the UK.

So this week SMMT launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the latest low-emission technology and challenge the increasing demonisation of diesel.

A Diesel Facts myth-busting guide is now available at

Help us to get the message out there. To the right hand side are the key facts about Diesel that highlight the vast reductions in particulate matter, NOx, and CO2. For full details take the time to read the diesel facts brochure, Circulate it to your staff and, if you get the opportunity, the wider public.

If you would like to know more about the SMMT or are interested in membership then please contact:

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