BMW announce it WON’T ditch diesel engines

BMW is sticking by diesel engines despite industry trends going against this, BMW has stated that it believes that the fuel type still has a future. Klaus Froehlich, who is a board member for development announced that BMW is committed to diesel cars while speaking at the Paris Motor Show. He stated that there has been ‘dramatic’ progression in the powertrains and said he believes they have the ‘best’ diesels in the world.

Diesel engine powered cars have been under immense scrutiny since the VW “dieselgate” scandal was uncovered in 2015. Since then a number of carmakers have ditched diesel engines from their line-ups, there is now more of a focus on electrification and pushing people away from diesel into petrol, hybrid, and battery-electric cars.

Klaus Froehlich said, “We have a spiral in Europe where every politician sees only one solution – diesel bashing, from a reduction in CO2 levels and customer perspective, a modern diesel car is a very good solution”.

Carwood Chairman Gary Carter commented, “ This is excellent news and fully endorses what we have been saying for a long time, it is the easy option to bash diesels without taking the time to recognise the advances that have been made in diesel technology”.