Quality Processes

Component Assessment

Acceptable old core is carefully dismantled using appropriate engineering techniques.
Each component is inspected, only suitable major components are passed onto the multi-stage cleaning process.
• Solvent/Bio wash
• Hot wash
• Torrent wash
• Aluminium Oxide blasting
• Glass Bead blasting
• Steel Shot blasting

Carwood uses biodegradable detergent and new generation safety solvent with patented chemical clarifiers; this extends the solvents life and reduces environmental impact.

Inspection, measurement and appraisal

• Full surface visual inspection
• Crack detection
• Tolerance measurement
• Electronic, pressure or vacuum testing of actuators

Each and every turbocharger is built with all new service parts as standard:
• Journal bearing/s
• Thrust bearing
• Piston rings
• Retaining rings
• “O” rings
• Shaft nut


The shaft wheel assembly and compressor wheel are assembled and balanced as a rotor on a Gielser horizontal balancing machine. The rotor is then assembled with a bearing housing, back plate and new service parts to a CHRA (centre housing rotating assembly)

  • CHRA Trim Balanced using VSR (vibration sort rig) to ensure minimum vibration.

Final Assembly & Inspection

Once the CHRA is balanced it is assembled into the turbine and compressor housings along with the actuator (if required)
All bolts tightened to the required torque settings.

Variable vane turbochargers are mounted on the VTR (vane test rig) for final testing/setting of actuator and variable vane, ensuring perfect performance on the engine.

Final Inspection

The unit is visually and physically checked, all apertures are sealed with protective caps where required.


After final inspection all units are wrapped in polythene with anti-rust packets. Final carton packaging is available plain box or customer requirements. Military specification packaging is also available.

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