Testing Equipment

The images to the right show two of the latest test machine additions at Carwood in Ollerton, which ensure that all Carwood Turbochargers are remanufactured to OE specifications and therefore give long service life on a correctly maintained engine.

Vane Test Rig

  • Essential for remanufacturing variable vane turbochargers.
  • The VTR is designed to set the minimum vane opening of variable vane turbos to the original specifications.
  • This gives Carwood Turbochargers 100% confidence that the turbo will not cause any problems when fitted to the engine. I.e. ECU fault codes, limp mode etc.

Vibration Sort Rig 430

Designed to eliminate excessive noise levels associated with modern high speed turbochargers. The VSR Enables Carwood Turbochargers to trim balance CHRA (centre housing rotating assembly) under similar conditions to those of a modern engine, the VSR can identify any imperfections in the build or the precision parts.

We consider the VSR trim balance to be a critical and essential process in our remanufacturing programme, a process that gives us 100% confidence that the turbo will not fail prematurely and will provide long service on a correctly maintained engine.

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