Core Management

Sophisticated Core Management is an essential aspect of modern remanufacturing. Here at Carwood we put a lot of effort into the core management process because it is critical for traceability, quality and production control.

Key features and benefits of the Carwood Core management system are:

  • Protective Packaging: Carwood product packaging is designed to protect the old core on its return to the factory. This means less chance of physical damage, ultimately leading to a more cost effective process.
  • Core Return and Handling Instructions: Customer instructions are included to further ensure safe return of the old unit with minimal damage.
  • Accurate Identification: All units are carefully inspected on arrival by trained and experienced staff to determine the correct part number. The unit is then tagged and entered onto a computerised inventory control system.
  • Careful Handling and Storage Conditions: Old core is handled and stored in the same way as new or remanufactured product; with specific bin locations for each part number. This prevents further wear or damage and enables rapid picking and stock accountability.
  • Customer Inventory – Ring Fencing: Carwood hold customer owned stock in dedicated stores or bin locations. This ensures specific range availability and commercial security for major accounts.
  • Core Stock Procurement: Through a network of professional core traders and its own specialised department, Carwood ensures optimal old unit procurement to maintain continuity of supply and high levels of availability across the entire product range.
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