With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Carwood is a leading remanufacturer of technical products for the automotive aftermarket.

The main products remanufactured by Carwood are:

• diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors including high pressure common rail
• turbochargers for car, van truck bus plant and specialist applications including VG/VVT and electronically actuated units
• starters and alternators for all type of vehicle and engine
• rotors, stators, armatures and other coil wound electrical components
• electrical control panels and instrumentation
• plant and field equipment

Re-manufacturing is a well-established industry, growing in sophistication in line with increasing vehicle technology and addressing the demand for quality as good as or better than the original item.
There is an established recognition world wide of the importance of remanufacturing which retains and recycles raw materials and uses up to 85% less energy than new production, thus reducing the impact on the environment.
When we remanufacture products, diesel fuel injectors for example, we recycle old products and can take old diesel injectors and turn them into remanufactured injectors that are just as good as new diesel injectors and reducing the cost for the customer.
A large number of international manufacturers of vehicles, engines, major components, and sub-assemblies now offer a remanufacturing programme to complement their new products, some of these manufacturers are supplied by Carwood.

Carwood has all the required remanufacturing skills from core sourcing and management through state of the art production processes and quality control to final packing and own branding if required.

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We are a major supplier of both diesel and electrical services, our range includes parts from quality certified brands such as Bosch and Delphi. For further information or help with anything, please Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.