Range & Availability

Carwood Diesel Systems carry an extensive allmakes range of remanufactured units covering the UK, passenger car, commercial vehicle, off highway Marine and industrial applications. All products are re-manufactured using genuine OE components, tested to current OE specifications and our facility is approved by all leading system manufacturers including:

  • Bosch
  • Woodhead (Bryce)
  • CAV
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Stanadyne
  • VDO (Siemens, Continental)
  • Zexel

The Carwood Diesel programme covers all types and makes of diesel products for every variety of vehicle and diesel engine driven plant or equipment. A particular specialism is high volume production of Common Rail Diesel Fuel Pumps and Injectors. We remanufacture and stock a comprehensive, allmakes range of diesel pumps and injectors from all major systems manufacturers. Carwood is an approved Diesel Centre for Bosch, Delphi (CAV/Lucas), Denso, VDO (Siemens/Continental), Zexel and Stanadyne, covering all makes, all types and all systems of diesel vehicles and diesel engines including car, van, truck, bus, plant, marine and special applications.

The business specialises in:

  • Common Rail Injectors and Fuel Pumps
  • Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP)
  • Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI)

In addition to the modern systems Carwood maintains its expertise in conventional technology and provides a world class service on:

  • Mechanical and pneumatic in-line fuel pumps
  • Rotary fuel pumps (VP, EDC, DP200, DPA)
  • Pintle injectors
  • Long Stem injectors
  • Lift Pumps
  • Bespoke fuel pump rebuild on older / Legacy vehicle systems
  • Customer test and repair facility

The processes, staff, workshops and equipment of Carwood Diesel Systems are approved by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO (Continental), Stanadyne, Woodhead (Bryce), CAV, Zexel. All products are produced under the control of ISO9001:2015 certification for Quality Management.

Carwood diesel products are listed in the MAM Electronics Parts Catalogue under DFI (Injectors), DFP (Pumps), if you enable Carwood in the supplier section you will see our catalogue. Currently we are the only supplier to the aftermarket to offer an allmakes electronic diesel catalogue on MAM.

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