Class 7 Clean Rooms

Modern high pressure diesel parts such as injectors work under extreme hydraulic pressure (up to 2500 bar, almost 35,000 psi) and are manufactured to critically fine tolerances. The particle filtration requirements for fuel contaminants is now at 2 microns, necessitating that the pump and injector parts need to be remanufactured in an environment that meets stringent cleanliness standards. Unique in the UK and one of the most advanced facilities of its type in the world, the Carwood clean room assembly suite ensures OE standards are maintained at the highest level with particle contamination limits down to 0.5 microns.
This is achieved by:

• Personnel entry/exit air locks
• Positive internal air pressure
• Circulation of the total air volume 6 x per hour
HEPA air filtration systems
• Prevention of contamination through clean protocols
• Product transfer through sealed hatches

The Carwood Diesel Systems Pump and Injector Assembly Rooms are certified to ISO 14644 -1 Class 7.

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