Diesel Systems

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The Carwood Diesel Systems Birmingham facility is at the forefront of Diesel Fuel Injection Remanufacturing services in the UK and Europe. All staff are factory trained on state of the art test equipment, utilising the latest OE test data, processes and procedures. Major investment includes a suite of 20 OE test benches and leading edge production assembly clean rooms certified to ISO14644, Class 7. Partnership with all the leading system manufacturers means that we offer a true “all makes, all vehicles, all systems” service. Carwood Diesel Systems is approved for virtually all diesel makes including Bosch, Woodhead (Bryce), Lucas/CAV, Delphi, Denso , VDO (Siemens), Stanadyne and Zexel. Utilising modern computer systems and software to control production the output capacity of the business can be rapidly flexed through shift pattern management to cope with increased or surge demand.

Our Quality Certified Diesel Systems

Quality is assured with certification to IS9001:2015 and implementation of TS16949 for pending approval. The Carwood Quality System is able to comply with OE requirements for PPAP documentation such as engineering configuration, FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow Diagrams, ISIR and Parts Submission Warrant. Confidence in the quality of our Products is backed up by a 2 year warranty on all Common Rail Products. Carwood Diesel System products are supplied to major international manufacturers and users including Caterpillar, Perkins, JCB, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ministry of Defence, Army and the Royal Navy.

Services Available:

• Vehicle testing, fuel system inspection, fault diagnosis

• Fuel pump and injector inspection, testing and condition reporting

• Remanufacture to OE specification using OE specification parts

• Removal and fitting of pumps and injectors

• DFI pump timing

• Remanufacture or service exchange programmes

• Branded, boxed supply programmes for manufacturers and distributors

Products Available:

• Mechanical and pneumatic in-line fuel pumps

• Rotary fuel pumps

• Common rail fuel pumps

• Pintle injectors

• Long Stem injectors

• Common rail injectors

• Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) and Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP)

Contact us for Diesel Systems & Services

We are a major supplier of diesel parts and services, our range includes parts from quality certified brands such as our Bosch common injector rail parts or our Delphi common rail pumps. For further information or help with anything, please Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.