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In the early 1980s, Carwood Defence was established to meet the needs of our Customers who by the nature of their business and the parts required, needed a very focused and dedicated supplier of defence products who was able to “talk their language”. Carwood Defence thinks and works using customers’ terminology and part numbers, or NATO stock codes, and understands their specialist requirements in terms of systems, administration and working life of their vehicles and/or equipment.
Carwood Defence has a very experienced and dedicated procurement team fully committed to meeting its Customers ever increasing expectation levels. A key part of their function is to offer solutions to Customers who, owing to the age of their vehicles or equipment, frequently have the problem of product obsolescence.
Customers include manufacturers of specialist vehicles, engine manufacturers, civil engineers and defence Customers both UK and overseas. Carwood Defence operate a bespoke networked computer system which has an extensive data base, tracking and cross referencing original equipment part numbers to vehicle manufacturer’s part numbers.
For defence Customers the data base is driven by N.A.T.O. stock numbers supported by information from ISIS. Through this data base sales invoices are produced using Customer reference numbers. Vehicles and equipment supported by the business include:
• Beach Recovery Vehicle (BRV)
• Challenger 2 (CH2))
• FV430
• Hamworthy Pump
• Haverhill Generator
• Leyland DAF 4T, 15T (MMLC, DROPS)
• Plessey Generator
• Warrior
• Water Purification Unit (WPU) Small Groups (SG) and NBC
• Special Products and Service solutions are provided in a number of different ways:
• Sourcing OE or OE equivalent parts
• Providing solutions for obselesence to meet current needs
• Remanufacturing existing parts
• Manufacturing new parts
When all avenues of possible stock both in the UK and overseas are exhausted, consideration is given to modification in house and/or remanufacture of components that are in the same “family” and are still commercially available. This is done on a ‘fit, form and function basis’ or through super-cession. Alternatively when the cost to volume ratio permits (which can have an MOQ as low as 10 pieces) new production can be instigated either from existing drawings or by producing new ones.
The other main function of Carwood Defence is the sourcing, stocking and distribution of new parts, components and assemblies. The “first port of call” for these is the O.E. manufacturer. Our supplier base includes many of the house hold names from the global brands. Owing to the purchasing policy of “stock or stop” by certain Customers we provide a “one stop” shopping service for items normally outside of the Carwood product range. These have included such novel items as soup pot lids, microwave oven parts, coffee filters, glow in the dark paint, rubber aprons and sacrificial plates (for ships). Carwood’s business policy is to work closely with the O.E. component manufacturers to maintain O.E. standards in the aftermarket, for the life of the vehicle or equipment. Any changes to specification are always considered and agreed in advance with the customer.
Carwood Defence and Special Products teams can source the parts others cannot, by truly being a specialist supplier of parts and services from a very experienced, dedicated and committed team. Just ask!

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We are a major supplier of defence products and services. Our range includes brand new parts as well as remanufactured parts for defence products. For further information or help with anything, please Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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